My Top 25 Favourite Movies part 1

By now I have watched quite a lot of different movies (especially during finals weeks) and I am a fan of more subtle and philosophical ones. This is my top 25 movies that I have watched and that made an impact on my life.


A great movie from Lars Von Trier. The first time I tried to watch it, I just couldn’t – the movie is really slow and it is quite hard to break from all the stress and rush in my daily life. I just couldn’t bare the calmness of this movie. However, I watched it a few months later with a different state of mind and I loved it. The movie is filled with fear but I have never seen fear to be depicted so gracefully.

24.A Beautiful Mind

I have seen this movie quite a lot of time ago but I still remember the beuty of it. A really touching movie about a genius going a little bit mad and fighting it. Makes you think how much can you trust your own thoughts.

23. Devdas

Well, what can I say. If you plan to watch one Bollywood movie – choose Devdas. It is one of the best new Bollywood movies in my opinion. Songs, dances – they are made just perfectly. It is one of those movies where it begins  by being just too sweet. I am not a fan of all the “happy ending” romance movies. But believe me, it’s not a happy ending at all. Suddenly it becomes really dramatic and tragic. Something classic I would say. And I actually cried at the end so probably quite engaging. Bollywood movies are not for everyone – if you don’t like the dances and songs – don’t watch it.

22.The Gold Rush

Classics. It was hard to choose between “The Golden Rush” and “The Modern Times” by Charlie Chaplin. Silent movies are definitely underrated nowadays. It’s quite nice to not have to listen to all the sound effects for once.


A very confusing movie about not being able to let someone go and how the modern days might affect that. It is an uncomfortable movie, I can say that. However it is still and interesting idea and a very sensual way of presenting it.

20.Another Earth

Don’t get it wrong, this is not another alien life movie. It has a whole different perspective. A parallel universe maybe? A philosophical idea of having another Earth, an Earth that is the same as the one we are on with all the people and history. But it is also a story about a bright young girl who accidentally killed two people and can’t forgive herself.

19.I am Dina

This movie is made by a story written by Herbjorg Wassmo – “Dina’s Book”. I really enjoyed the book and the movie did not disappoint me as well. Maybe because it created the character of Dina in a similar way I imagined her. The story is about Dina who lost her mother early in life and everyone knew that the mother died because of her. Growing up with a guilty conscience and an unloving father made her different. And a strong character as well.

18.Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Let’s have something more cheerful now. Monty Python are pure comedy brilliance. And the witch scene is one of my favourites.
A good classical British comedy. This one I am sure – a must watch.

17.Life Is Beautiful

I am not a fan of war and historical movies but this one is just breath taking. Making a movie taking place in the concentration camps during the World War II so sincere and positive – almost impossible.

16.The Big Lebowski

I don’t know what makes this movie so amazing. Maybe it’s just the work of the Coen brothers – the movie is simple, easy to watch and at the same time different. I really don’t have what to add – an awesome movie with really great characters. Not superheroes, not even heroes. Just everyday normal characters.

15.Pan’s Labyrinth

A really great movie, gripping and strong. And I have to add – the Pan’s Lullaby is just perfectly designed soundtrack for this movie. Gives me the chills every time I listen to it. And all the creatures that the girl encounters, all the quests she has to do to save her mother. What can I child do when she can’t fight?

The rest I will post in another post next time. Hope you will find something new and worth watching here. It was hard selecting only 25 movies, I really feel I left out so many great ones.




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