Some music

As a person who listens to music during most of her free time, I really value “the good stuff”. For me it’s mostly progressive rock/metal bands like Tool, Rishloo and Opeth. But today I wanted to write about a band that I finally got to see performing live in a festival – Stoned Jesus. They come from Ukraine, their genre is mostly stoner rock/sludge. The sound is amazing. During the festival they played one of my favourite songs – “I’m the Mountain”. Mighty Gods. Such a wonderful song. So well written. I think I got high just from listening it (and I think I’m getting a little bit high just from thinking about it as well). Especially live. Give it a try:

I’m The Mountain (Youtube link)

During the concert I just spaced out. It felt like the music was flowing through me (I told you that it felt like being high!). I danced as if it was a ritual, all the people who were at the concerts were connected and performing the ritual together.

So, yes, I get dissociated easily, but this time only showed how consuming this music is. I also recommend to listen to their other songs like “Stormy Monday” or “Indian”. Simply wonderful.

High on the mountain,



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